lunedì 9 febbraio 2009


... IN THIS WORLD, no, in this UNIVERSE AND BEYOND, am I here?!

W H Y ?

Two days ago I was in Tokyo. Now I've returned to this dump. Life sure is strange.

Planning Arena lives without money is totally UNHEALTHY. Especially while feeling so sooooooo much shitty and desperate.

Nevertheless, I'm going to work in twenty minutes. Cool, with all the questions they'll make.

Oh so cool.

I was sleepless, I usually managed to eat things but without any solid effort so I felt dizzy about everyday, my feet hurt a lot, so my back, since my days went on like this: (oh you CANNOT know how pleasant is to be able again to digit a colon xD)

wake up;
swearing against the costruction site NEXT to the hostel (and next means 50 cm);
shower (this should have a paragraph alone but I'm not really in the mood);
at the conbini for some kind of breakfast(usually an anpan and water/green tea);
reaching the point of interest;
a lot of walking, taking photos, walking, maybe eating lunch, walking walking walking, photos, depachika XD walking;
metro/walking back to the hostel (usually not before 8/9 p.m., earlier during the last days).

My ankles are not the same anymore X°D

The live was astonishing. The sound was crap for most of the time, but they were great. Yes, I did like the concept but I still think they're all DEAD TIRED and not just because of their slightly xD packed schedule. I mean everything was a bit mechanical.

Ah nevermind, Chacha-san waved back in my direction as I cried out his name. AND YOU CANNOT BUY SUCH THINGS!!!!!

Yeah I was a little far. But that way I could have kept my fangirlism at a safe distance. Well, my voice was not. That nymphobachans screaming out YOUUUUUUUUUUKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN and Gacktoooooooooo all the time neither.

It's hilarious how You-san is cheered from elders XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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