martedì 3 febbraio 2009


I should go around carring a handkerchief or WTF it is written. Well, I`ve already ashamed myself writing about the after-concert XD But this is so ridicolous... Thinking that in three days everything will be over, that I`ll be back in that hell...



It`s just crazy...not that this was an easy journey, not at all, but now I`m SURE that I want to live here. I`ve always know it, but I thought it was just the usual fangirl whim, "Now that I`m home I`m talking this big but the real thing could be either scary or annoying or both or anything else". But it wasn`t!!!! I`m just in the place I was meant to be.

Today I walked from Asakusa to here. Why? Well it wasn`t EXACTLY was more that I thought "Why if I walk instead of taking the subway?" and, by the end of the thought, I see the "Otorijinja" sign XDDDDDD I was like "Otori...jinja?WTF? I`m already in Minowa? AH?"

Let`s keep in mind that my feet DIED last night with those fucking cute leather shoes that make my feet look so TIIIIIIIIIIIIINY that`s painful. LITERALLY.
So, this morning wasn`t THAT easy to put shoes on them. But I manage to do all that walking around so... But isn`t what I wnat to talk about. What was it? Oh, PAIN IN MY HEART, sure.

Next to my comeback from asakusa, since it was sooooooo early (about 4 p.m.), Ikebukuro. With the Nekobukuro in my mind xD I stepped out the Jr Station and then I took the wrong way as usual so I came back and took the RIGHT way. After a WHILE, since lonely planet maps are subtle and morbid xD (at least to me), I found Sunshine. Cool. Entered it. Coooool. So many bags shops and only a few bucks in my pocket (that actually have to last until friday leaving some room for narita xDDDDDDD), and the shoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees x.x but anyway I found my way through the observatory`s elevator.

FREAKING HIGH!!!!! I didn`t check the height BEFORE, so I was totally out of breath. It was amazing, and I start to sigh. But the lovey dovey couples view was a bit hilarious xD But the city by night is sooooooo breathtaking. And I almost started to cry, but after yesterday I wasn`t really in that mood, and not from such a high place, you know...

But I need to return here. In some way or another. Legal ways, of course. I want to be a full-fledged resident Italian in Japan. And it`s already this late. I`m turning 25 x.x But it`s ten years that I want to come here, is it a retroactive thing? XD

It`s scaring how I knew it from the start. At some point, I thought that coming here and find this bad, annoying or something else in a negative way would have been the right thing to be. But NO. I love this place. Even Minowa. Well, I like much much more these uncrowded place than the central things... ueno is already too much crazy in my opinion.


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