giovedì 30 aprile 2009


This is just a blow below the belt.

You're kidding.

170 bucks? HA! I'm not that crazy.

Even with free shipping.

Actually they're about 130 euros, seeing the current change.

And there's a pretty pretty "best offer" button below the "buy now" one.

I'm shivering. I'm shacking. I'm slightly hyper. But mostly, I'll be a returning officer in two elections, this year.

I think I've found my birthday present.

I so hope no one else will find it. So hoping for that.

Good grief.

4 commenti:

metamorphic time ha detto...

WANT. Can't have, unfortunately. I've almost bought the record a couple of times, though.

Kenshin_desu ha detto...

why OH why don't blogger notice me AT LEAST about comments made on MY OWN blog? Do you seeeeeee it? Isn't the prettier bluer lp out there? X°D
And there are also a couple of things from Gerard and Outer Limits. Really overpriced WANTS, but still WANTS. Sorry about the late reply ;_;

metamorphic time ha detto...

I think he's selling it for $160 over here; someone over there has had a copy of Empty Lie, Empty Dream with this as a full poster listed for years that I've been tempted by off and on.

Kenshin_desu ha detto...

I've seen that ages ago while searching for Unknown! And it's up again on ebay n______n With that price it's impossible to sell. Or at least is what I'm relying on XD