venerdì 24 aprile 2009

DA visual shock.

Usually I don't rant about my anime obsession, my translations or such things (YES! I translate! Shocking ne?), but SEBASTIAN POUNDING A NUN deserves a post here.



I still haven't decided if this is a win or a fail, but sure it's EPIC.

Yes, Kuroshitsuji is almost old already, but I'm so interested in the RANDOMEST series ever that I prefer to follow ep by ep as I translate it. I mean, this is a light-speed DROP.

And it's annoying, since most of the gags are pretty hilarious, and the plot is intriguing, IF ONLY CERTAIN WRITERS WOULD KNOW HOW TO WRITE, or at least how to keep a decent balance in this shonen/yaoi/romance/decadent/comical/whatever MESS.

Enjoy your moment of fanservice, now:

Gross, lame, both and in loop.

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