martedì 23 ottobre 2007

I just really don't know what to say...

The urge to cry is floating...some moments I'm on the verge of an aloud screaming cry, some others, like now, I quietly remember that yesterday night I saw one of the most important persons of my life. Live. Two meters from me. And I was there screaming and trying to move (THOSE FUCKING RETARDS) to the beat. They were wonderful. Ok, I'm not that expert in concert matters. But I enjoyed the whole night. Even the soundchecker that was OBIOUVSLY making fun of us all, keeping on go up and down the stage FOR A HOUR AND A HALF. The surfer thing on the tv. The quite expensive glass of water XDDDDDDD. The soldout medallion ç__________________ç (and why I didn't buy the backpack? WHY???)

The moment the tears were VERY near was on the train back home, this morning. Man, watching all these fucking mountains becoming more and more big and high, and thinking that ONLY some hours ago I was screaming like the bitcher of the fangirl xD towards MANA, OH MAN...I can't stand it.

But I'm so happy. I can't wait for the next time.

Thank you all, guys, hope to see you all agin VERY SOON.

ps: Mana, do something for your throwing skills XD The picks went all in the front lines!!!

ps2: I hate all kinds of fanclubs. Definitely.

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