venerdì 5 ottobre 2007


New Gonzo series.

I could have lose it, sure, but let's look at the voiceactors' list:

Ono Daisuke as Jin

*ok, let's watch it, (despise the OBVIOUS crappiness)*

but this it's not the end! Let's see...

Chihara Minori as Toa

(*__________________*) Ok, I MUST see this, even if there'll be two steady black sticks on a white background

and even MORE...

GOTO YUKO as Makina

ok, it's my favorite show of the year.

Aya-chan...ann says she's in the cast, but I could not distinguish her. and OH, Sugita-kun is there too! XDDDDDDD

Covering the crappiness with the Haruhi cast may be a good idea.


Man, only Gonzos could pop up with such a brilliant discover. I love them.

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