domenica 14 ottobre 2007


rurururu, rurururururu...

The koi no minoru densetsu version is LOL at 100%

Had I tell you something about the clannad anime? Not yet?

Ok, I love it. But I don't really know why. Keep on thinking that many seiyuus reminds me about haruhi's ones, but really I don't know WHY I like it.

And believe me, those KyotoAni guys are really bitches/smart XDDDD Love 'em.

Wa wa wa wasuremonooooo
ore no wasuremonooooooooooo

The snoopy bento finally arrived! Safe, that's the miracle!!! The packaging lacked stuffing but was filled with optimism XD
the urara one was little;
the rilakkuma other was more little;
this one is someway near to zero O_O at least it comes with a two tiered one, even this one is little but useful for fruit and stuffy, at least is airtight for the upper conteiner ç_ç

now I'm waiting for the mum's gift to arrive...

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