lunedì 29 ottobre 2007


... etsymania.

I think I've already teased you about this, mummy's christmas present (day after day less sure that she will like it =_=), but there's more!
these, for the couple (I think I'll add a couple of cooking books...dunno), BUT, the very deal, the VERY BIG DEAL (not for the price, it was quite cheap) is THIS.

Don't mind, I was quite shocked too. I'm still shocked, to be true. Rhyme! xD
But I had to buy it. Dunno why. Just a feeling. I love it. Well, there's my discretion, the strange "hate" I have toward crosses and other christian icons, but still I love that necklace.


WHEN THE FUCK I'LL BE SUPPOSED TO WEAR IT???? THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!! I feel ashamed just to let my parents see it xDDDDD

That concert will ruin my style xDDDDDD *runs away with her head in her hands*

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