venerdì 2 novembre 2007

just wondering...

... how long will I be able to stand this? xD
No, there's nothing to laugh about, but... ^_________________^
Cannot help it. Loan shark. This is the English term for "usuraio". Well, it should be money-lender, but LOAN SHARK has a more powerful image.

A couple of hours ago I went to the local food shop to payoff... what there's to payoff. I KNEW that it would be fishy, because they die for every penny they can earn. And so it was. The BOSS (the loan shark xD), paid a visit about half a hour ago to this house, asking my father what's going on, if he did something wrong toward us,...



I've just come up with a thought: This village has to explode. Well, it will be too messy. Implode. Implode is the answer. Just disappear in a flash of light. Now, tomorrow in the morning I'll return to the shop and TALK TO THE BOSS.
What a silly bitch.
U S U R Y. That's all. But now I have the right side of the knife. SO FUCK OFF OLD BASTARD!!!

Talking about cheerful stuff (n_n), I just discovered (maybe not too late) exist+trace, an all-women visual jrock band. And the fact is that these girls are really cool. No, it's not pride. Mostly because I'm used to mysoginist bands, and still it feels rather strange to listen to girls rocking. And growling too! The vocalist is just amazing!!!
Takarazuka visual XDDDDDD (forgive me, I HAD to write this...)

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