venerdì 2 novembre 2007


I'm so mad about that ls (abbreviation for loan shark xD), that I forgot to make you aware about my last shopaholism crisis(NOW WITH PICTURES...yes, I'm not kidding!):

Wrist band w/ wings

Devil Wings Short Arm Warmer

School Bag w/ Rivets (there's another version with red print)

That's all. Actually, such affordable gothic apparel (any resemblance with Moi Meme Moitie things is purely coincidental^^) is TRULY dangerous. And thanks Bugs that I'm overweight, because their pants and shirts are quite lovely. So darn neat (*_*)...wahhhhhhh by the time I'll lose weight (if I'll ever be able to xD) they will be surely out of stock ç______ç Well, my purse is relieved at least (^_^;)

And don't forget! Tomorrow, around 8-8,30 in the morning...

ME vs LOAN SHARK(the stinky)


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