martedì 20 novembre 2007


Can you guess that once I hated Rowan Atkinson?^^ I was so stupid, so stupid fella...

With Gackt being more and more commercial, my fangirlism has no other choice that focus itself on Chacha (as if this is a hard happening).

Can't help but hating the girl that co-stars Nagase on Utahime (so much that I don't even know her name xD). It's not such a big hit, that drama, but it's funny and the cast is well coordinated(and Tomoya is such a stupid! I think this kind of roles suits him the best, that baka...*completelyfallenforhim*). Well, actually, I love her character. But I don't love her. She's got no rhythm, and it's a pity because in a show like that I think that rhythm is so much needed, it's almost a sitcom!




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