mercoledì 7 novembre 2007


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via FoxyTunes I could re-enable DMA *_* It's like another computer now ^_^
My jbox order is ready to ship! Would you like to know what useless things I've ordered this time? No? Who cares. I'll show you the same.
Yukari Furikake -- Beefsteak Plant & Basil

Tarako Furikake - Cod Roe

Wasabi Furikake ~ Japanese Horseradish

Noritama Furikake -- Egg & Seaweed

The sukiyaki one, now I can't find the link on site...

Insulated "TENMARI" Pet Bottle Holder ~ but the mine one is red and pink(don't ask why because I don't know xD) really need this case I'll be able to work again before retirement of course

Kit Kat -- Caramel Flavor I was very very tempted from the orange&chocolate ones, but I preferred these (^-^)

Peko-chan Milky Candy It's like a couple of years that I wanted to order these! xD Finally (*-*) And now there's even the cocoa time.

Glico Mini Milk Pocky This is absolutely a bento madness related item. I bought them especially to use with a bento. Like I'm using one xD

Hi-chew Assortment -- Fruits Mix + Peach I was about to order the banana hichew stick, but why one instead of four?

Ok, that's all. For 28,90$, that, in euro words, are less than 20 bucks!!! Go euro, go! Go euro, go! (n_n)y

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