lunedì 12 novembre 2007

because I can part two.

Ok, I've dropped the rain animation effect, simply because I CAN'T. I've spent the whole day yesterday trying to make that fucking effects, but the prettier thing I managed to create was something lighting that looked REALLY REALLY like crap.

Maybe thanks to the subject, but I like this little thingy (^-^).
Ok, you have to look at it VERY VERY VERY NEAR, but, come on! This is my first one! Have some mercy xD

You know what? The only hope that Ryu-san can come back relieves me. It's a chance. I was beginning to think of it as an impossible occurence (ç_ç) I need my mascotte!!!

ps. This graphic madness is worsening my fangirlism. Too bad ^______________________^


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