giovedì 22 novembre 2007

Ordinary/Unordinary people.

When they're offered a job, especially a job that they've done before, ordinary people are happy. I'M NOT.
When they're offered a job, especially one not far away from home, ordinary people are happy. I'M NOT.

So, these statements proof how UNORDINARY I am. And silly, maybe. Ok, not maybe.

This afternoon, while I was coming home from the worst mummy's birthday lunch I had in the last 23 mummy's birthday, Manpower local agency called me. For tell me about a job in the public clerking (is there in this world a word like "clerking"? Dunno and duncare) branch. My longer work experience is in the same branch, so...Yay. Location? Unknown. What the hell...? "Oh, I'm sorry. But for some privacy issues I cannot tell you."


For the interview I'll be blindfolded and moved there in the back of a unplated black car, with some Tarantino's movies tunes in the background?

^__________^ I hope so.

Oh, yes, the topic. Let's get back to it. I do need money. But if I think about what I've passed through in THAT DAMNED office, and what was the result of a year long bullshit, I'm angry. Well, I'm always angry about it. I don't want to see that dick face again. Because the next time will be the one when my feet will be on it. Stumping it repeatedly.

Nice catch, neighbour! (don't mind, I've eaten too much)

Some good point about all this shit: I will be able to test my beautiful snoopy thermal bento, if I'll be so nut to do it^^

Nice fucking night to y'all, fella.

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