venerdì 29 giugno 2007

Bullshits amount: imagine a flat land.

How can she say that Japanese cannot act? O_O On which bases she says it? Only because they're not American? WTF... This is one of that times that she drives me really crazy. And she's been there TWICE. What a waste. It's not that I'm saying that we have to bow to every single Japanese we meet and thank him that Japan exists, but COME ON!!!! After all of the things she saw about Japan!!!!!! She's considering them as "different" people, AGAIN!
W H A T  A  W A S T E.
Teru-senpai ^___________^ likes Yuna Ito. He barely knows gackto, and does not know chacha. I must kill him.
English course is ended. FINALLY. Now, a free week. Then, other two courses ç_ç
The job interview went well, I suppose. It was my first time, but I think that a collective j.i. cannot show much about hirer intentions. Well, Tuesday I'll know if it really went well or not.
I have to keep my mind busy. It's the only way I have to survive this madness. It's incredible. How this went so far? No, wait, stop. I hate to write cryptic posts XD It's like that teenish blogs I hate. Let's stop it. Let's say that I got to find a work and not only to make money.

Ja neeeeee~

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