mercoledì 27 giugno 2007


Let's try it again. Yes, I know, the last time I tried to write a blog in English ended up that I shut off everything and moved to another host. But now I will do the good girl. I promise. The fact is that when I write in English I feel like I'm not myself anymore. "You have to call a doctor, if it's so". Daijobu. It will be half English and half Italian. Depending on the way I wake up.

The job interview is confirmed for the next Friday, 11.00 am, with other two persons. Don't tell me who's the asshole that create this shitty things, otherwise he'll be in a GRAND danger. A collective j.i. SMART!

What can I put into my bento for tomorrow? I've already cooked a courgette (I will never use that word, you idiot), but it seems so sick that I'm feeling guilty for her (?), I don't know if tomorrow I'll have the nerves to eat it (^-^). I have some packs of three minutes noodles, but I'm not sure that after cooling down they will be edible. Rice. Gimme rice and I'll conquer the world!

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