lunedì 16 luglio 2007


I'm dead. Do you remember the pic I posted with yoshiki? My face it's like that, now.

Now. Just some silly thoughts before gym. Listen carefully.
I'm a paranoid. I'm the first who knows it well.
It doesn't feel really that much good when your paranoias become truths. No, no, no. Pretty much NO. N O. Should I repeat this last concept? I will if you ask me. Sure. You're welcome. Feel free to ask. Etc etc

It's that I just hate this situation. Why? Why me? WHYYYYYYY??????

Rumors say that he told Mr.NiceGuy that he doesn't like me: this without anyone ask him about (ç_ç). OH GOOD GOOD GRIEF. Gimme a blanket, Linus. Play me some Beethoven, Schroeder. ALOUD. Explain me my mental state, dear old Lucy. Bring Rerun here, IMMEDIATELY!!!! (gotta say that Rerun is always welcome here u___u )

Talking about love, there's only one man that can revive this night, with only a litte popup in this nonsense. Enjoy the man I would marry if only I believe in marriage and sort:

~In one of his greatest pics.~

Ah...I feel better. Much better. Ya.

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