sabato 14 luglio 2007


Would please lift up a hand if:
- you hate your father, for known and certain reasons;
- you hate your father, because he's THE ONE who has the power to destroy anything in your life;
- you hate your father, for the simple reason that THAT night he could at least try to wear that fucking condom;
- you hate your father, and just don't know why, let's say upon trust.

If you match all the previous statements, start to clap your hands as I'm doing. It's not very useful, but at least some of the strains will be relieved. OH, BUGS.

He's trying to make me write one of his awful letters to the local newspaper. Fucking idiot. And, (the worst thing that stands above all and waves her(?) little hand to greet us, little brats) ABOUT POLITICS. That is equally disturbing and useless, at least here.

BUT let's think about cheerish things, folks. In other words, the next Jbox's order (^_____________^):

- Rilakkuma bento box set (I know, it's not that cheap of a bento, but it's dishwashable and HUGE);
- various kinds of furikake (don't mind the sauce containers in this page...I've already purchased them XD and never used it ç_ç);
- a Milky candies pack (oh, come on, I need this kind of useless things too! è_é).

That's all. Why, you may say, don't you buy something from cdjapan or similar? Well, that a good question XD. Joking. Because all the things I actually want to buy DON'T SEEM TO EXIST ANYMORE. I've got over-aged musical taste. Neither Teru knows anything about it, and he's almost ten years older than me (x_x);;;;;;;;

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