domenica 29 luglio 2007

Gekisou. II part.

My love towards Aya-chan has decreased. WTF is that vibrato? Is she dying or something? At least hare hare yukai is dubbed (^_^);;;

1st edit: Goto-san in her fake singing was more tuned than her XD

2nd edit: God knows. My favourite. And still that vibrato spoils everything that move. Bugs. I can understand that maybe she was excited, but BUGS! My notebook trembles as she sings like that! It's not only annoying it's kinda painful @_@

3rd: and then...why the guitar soloist(if ever a term like this exists XD) resembles Terajima-san THAT much??? Speaking of which, ok, haruhi plays the guitar in live alive, ok ok,'s quite understandable that she can't even keep that guitar in her, WTF?

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