martedì 17 luglio 2007

Speechless...(Cose turche reloaded&remastered)

Seriously, I do not know what the hell I may write about all this shit. Because all the matter revolves (oh, what a cute consonance...) around the VOID. Well, not exactly the void. Something really near to it. I'm trying really hard to not pay attention to any of the circumstances that has revived the last days. I mean, COME ON. We're all legal and grown... Or maybe it's some sort of strange curse that a voodoo mama casted on these courses?

Maybe I had to keep my mouth shut and go on. Damn.
Anyhow he's wrong. He's mad. Maybe he wouldn't come to class wearing a hockey mask with a chainsaw in his hands, but I'm scared. I've got to say this. I'm really scared. The acme was when I saw him sitted there as we went out of the bar. It's something I've ever seen only in nightmares. The ones when you think: "Now I'm safe, he can't do anything weird. He's gone. Keep cool", and just when you've said this, HERE HE COMES, right there, and you think "COME OOOOOOOON!!!! IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

Yes, this is my beloved dramatization of it. I'm aware of this. But GOOD GRIEF, it's a fact that he did some things that he mustn't did, and that he's keeping his fucking attitude again and again. There was only ONE thing needed. Apologize. Nothing more nothing less.

I think that he's now wondering about how dreadful we are. Crazy. First he says he's going to kill himself, then he's chitchatting as nothing has happened. Someone please explains me this, because maybe I'm dumb, but I really can't catch it.

But, most of all...WHY SHOULD I COME IN CONTACT WITH THESE WEIRDO ALWAYS?????? Who has decided this? When? Where?

A positive thing is that my selfconfidence is flying so high in the sky that I can almost say I'm happy to be like this. How can I referr badly to myself when these kind of freaks exist in the world? I'm sane, basically.


I also noticed that I have a vocation for seeing the future. And that some things never disappear completely. Let's say that I've already seen that kind of eyes. (put some dramatic/tragic music in here)

Ok, a Chacha-moment to relieve the night:

some explanation: I just lllllllllllllllllove this pic toooooooooooo much. In a very romantic way, I still think that was not a pose. He's actually listening to some sample and has that wonderful face because he's thinking of some wonderful ways to put that Gackt's mess into REAL music. (^_______________^)

I can't think of an end to this post. I'm sick and tired. What's for "mitomane" in English?
Uhmmmm...let's see...where's a good medical dictionary when someone needs it...oh,

Get out of here. Now.

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