sabato 21 luglio 2007

We're FRYING here!!!

Moi Dix Milan...late october...


There's a problem. Ticketone says that the preordering will be open on July 20th.
Uhm...What day is today? TWENTYONE. And the selling it's not open yet. Can I swear?

And so it's ALL finished. Good. Yesterday was hysterical. In the end we've started talking about the japanese dinner QUITE aloud. I already know I'm that evil, so get yourself used to it ^_____________^ I was often looking at his face that was slowly turn into a perfect knowledge of what/where/when/who about Thurday night. How can I put this into a sentence that will not make me appear as a completely evil bitch?
IT FELL GOOD. I couldn't swear to him. I couldn't take him and put him in the middle of the road waiting for some truck ti hit him. But at last I had some satisfation.

The very big big news is another one, I suppose. Since Tuesday until September 23rd, I'll be a mail office teller! Yahoooooooooo!
I don't care if it's only for two months ^______________^ The very precious thing is that is not really far from here, in the town I went to attend high school. I repeat: Yahooooooooooooo!!! Mana YOU'RE MINE!!!!! Cute useful Rilakkuma bento set that I've had to forget because of the concert, YOU'RE PRETTY MINE TOO!!!!! Yahooooooooo!!!!

You know what? Episode 15 is already out. Someone stops them.

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