lunedì 9 luglio 2007


Thirteen eps to go. By George.

This morning, after a BRIEF illusion, I had to realize that THAT idiot was about to join the rest of the at least SANE umanity that composes the class (x_x)...what a painful sentence. Come on, fuck off. I'm saying this to myself (^-^) Yes, I'm a little tsundere today (sorry, I prefer this to "bipolar", in the end the meaning is the same...). But it's AAAAAAALL related to the fact that yesterday night I finished to watch My Boss My Hero. It's hard to admit that, but it's true. I'm in love with Tomoya Nagase. Completely. Of course, I feel rather ashamed for it XD. But WHO CARES? This is my late teenage!!!!

I think now more than ever that lobothomy cannot wait longer XDDDDD

Tomorrow is the day! Job interview. Varese. Sashiburi. And I have to go with my father. BY GEORGE. And that means that EVERY FUCKING TURN he'll have to repeat me again and again the story about him living there, and sort, that was my high school, this is the gas station where that pedophile that I make you live with for about six years worked. Of course he wouldn't refer to him like that (at least, it would be more interesting, a variation, for god's sake...)

Fuurin Kazan. Will it become my Moby Dick? Because that 12k bitrate doesn't make me feel very sure about it. Let's wait and see.

Listening to: L'arc~en~ciel. Driver's high. Then, Winter fall. Fangirlism has to become an ufficial disease, believe me.

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