lunedì 23 luglio 2007

Too simple...

It's being too simple to come here and write some bullshits, man.

It's just a matter of clicking on the note and write. Too much simple. So simple that I don't have the time to think about something to write.

What can I say? That I've eaten pretty too much? That I won't have dinner tonight? That my father will ask me why and I'll force myself into NOT say him to mind his business?

Oh, I can't. These are not problems. THESE are the real bullshits. And the fact that my mind is stuck upon these bullshits is a bullshit itself.

Tomorrow I'll start da brand new postal teller job. BUGS.
I need to eat to calm myself. I need a life to calm myself. Food is nearer.

Is it some sort of advice that I cannot open Ca' Foscari University homepage? It can be...

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