venerdì 6 luglio 2007

A lack of...

Stylish template. And with "stylish" I mean gacktish or (better) chachaish template. I know, I know...I can make it by myself. IF ONLY I was able to. IF ONLY blogspot allow me to do it, because MAYBE I'M STUPID, but it always repeats that there's some code to close for use the template.

Ok, I've just recalled why I haven't a stylish template. Good.

I've managed to free at least 50gb from the hd. But now I don't have any more dvds ç_ç Ten dvd-rs in two days. But at least I can open my azureus directory without the fear that it would explode...

Oh, Bugs. I've left the post like this for about three hours before noticing that I didn't post it yet XD
But I have some big news! Are you sitted somewhere? Beware...let's start!
I've just received a message. This fact itself is already a big news, I know, but just focus our sight on the sender: a former classmate of high school period. Uhm, I've only finished it four years ago. And this time was spent without a SINGLE message from them.
Today, I received the joyful news that TOMORROW (why won't you tell me this tomorrow after noon, gal?) there will be a class reunion pizza, followed by some unspecified night. GOD (yes, not Bugs, but GOD, g o d, and remember: I'm a fully Atheist), how dumb they think I am? And they told me that by MESSAGE! They're too poor to call me?
THE DAY BEFORE!!!! Oh jesus christ why didn't I kill them when I had the time and the chance to do it??????? I spent five years of agony in that fucking school, and now (NOW) they come up with this shit.

Marvelous. Really. I guess I'm recalling all the hatred and the frustration from my school years. Fuck.

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