giovedì 5 luglio 2007

Taste of Sun/ What for "paraculo", in English?

Gooooooooddamn. That's all.
Summer brings its fruits, literally. Plums, if you want to know. Ok, that's for the taste of sun.
Let's talk about the paraculo.
Why, when they come to describe a dog's nature, never use word like this? Because it fits perfectly my dog, and many other dogs, I guess. They say they're cute, funny, energic, and things of sort, but never tell you about the fact that THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT, and that they do ANYTHING to achieve it. Anything. Like this:

"My master is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! She never lets me out of here!!!!! Help me!!! I'm a sad little hungry dog! Free me!!!"
Or this:

"You're the kindest, prettiest, slimmest and smartest master I've ever had. Where's that cookie?"

Nothing is going the way it was supposed to go. WTF.

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