martedì 24 luglio 2007

Falsetto/The perfect schiscetta

Yeah, this is the perfect day for a falsetto singing. ALOUD. Yep. Gotta only find the right song.

Sayonara, sweet bento of mine. I'll use the little tupperware lunchbox for a while. How I'm supposed to open a bento and eat it with only ten minutes of time between the going out and the bus? It's painful but it has to be like this.


They forced me into opening another bank account. A postal account, if you want to know. That's pretty unfair, because it seemed that they were more interested in another account than in another worker. It gets somewhat on my nerves, but as I saw the contract, I've changed my mind. It's not that big deal of money, ok, but BUGS, they're only TWO MONTHS! Why such a cost-of-living allowance (I dini't know that even a phrase like this existed!!!)?????

This awakes the proletarian in me!!! (è__é)p

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