giovedì 12 luglio 2007


I'm tired, ok? Fucking tired today.
I'm gonna kill him. Soon. Maybe I'm a little too paranoid, ok, let's assume that. I agree, but the fact that fucking Piglet-like living being it's annoying me. He stared at me for most of the lesson, today. At least, he changed desk after the lunchbreak. I know that he noticed my little light humble behaviour towards him. At least, I HOPE THAT HE 'D NOTICED IT. And now, he's going to join the other course too. And I hope that he's not going to be hired at the shop's bargain sales. OH, BUGS. That would be perfect. Really.

I was fainting like a 1600's young pale lady, returning home. My head pulses as I do something more challenging that being here writing these nonsense. I'm tired in every way you would put it.

And with this get-the-fuck-off-you-little-piece-of-shit mood I have, I wish you a very good night, my dear little nice fella.

f u.

Gotta to some exercise to prevent fat from make me rolling like a rolling stone.

that was funny.

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