martedì 10 luglio 2007

Mission: Job Interview.

Accomplished. At least, for now.

Smoothly, but now I can say that I definitely hate collective j.i. I can't figure out what kind of useful meaning they can have.
ALSO, my feet hurt. Not that badly as I was afraid of, but they hurt.

Dunno why, but I'm downloading Shounen Onmyouji's 16th ep. Sasshiburidana. So sasshiburi XD then I can't recall which ep I've stopped to download it. Who cares.

I need a fucking degree. ANY type of a fucking degree. If I've had a fucking degree, now I was searching for a job to pay the plane fee to Japan, and then teaching Italian in the Nova institute (ç_ç) They didn't need Japanese. Only your native language and some sort of english. And that fucking degree.

Gotta hang out the laundry.

But first I listen to Returner ^_______________________^

ps: this last sentence WAS NEEDED

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