mercoledì 18 luglio 2007

Da day after (^____^)

And I also dreamt about it!!!! Because it wasn't enough, noooooo...!!!!!


I don't know how useful will be this day off...I'm tired.

I finally managed to dl the available fuurinkazan eps so far. Quite proud of myself.

Listening to: Mind Forest. Oh, it's useful. It's needed. It's a therapy.

Ok, ok. I can't do it. I beg your pardon.

It's that I've seen myself, in him. I've seen the same loneliness, the same fear. Obviously I'm not like him, not even a micron, and neither I understand him. But being alone it's not a good thing. For anyone. I point out again: this is not some strange sort of comprehension, or simpathy. This is the explanation of WHY I hate this kind of situations.

And it's not even that I feel guilty for him. Yes, if we evaluate the whole thing, it's like is quite my fault. Right. I feel guilty for starting the fire. Not for him. I must stay quiet and bear. As I've always done.

Oh, let me making you aware of my last related paranoia(and let's see if also this one will become true XD): He blame me for everything has happend so far. He thinks that I persuaded the whole class to hate him. And that's raging in him. Frankly, I was thinking about that yesterday should was (and don't even know if exist this conjugation XD) the day he exploded in my face, at least (in his rotten mind) for asking why I act like that. So. That's the point. I can't figure the reason of his beheviour. At least send me to Hell. I don't know if it's because he knows he's wrong (but this fights with his exploit of yesterday) or because he's REALLY that mad.

So, that's all. Let's wait and see.

Zen moment: Birdcage ALOUD. It's a pity that the window is shut. I'm in Dr. Gackt's hands.

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